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egg of the universe

yoga studio & living wholefoods cafe

Our Vision

Inspired by the traditional understanding of true wholefoods and lamenting the mainstream’s approach to health food, our vision is to create a café and event space designed for fun and the celebration of the seasons. Beyond our day-to-day menu, patrons will be able to explore the wider vision for our project through community nights, feast events, film nights, food network, workshops and cooking classes.

The café, our yoga studio and our health partners Urban Tonique wellness centre combine to offer an urban oasis where yogis, lovers of food and explorers of wellness can gather to indulge in nutritionally sound foods, follow a cleanse or treatment program, explore yoga or simply sit beneath our beautiful Chinese elm and savour good coffee and cake. 


   & The Waves Of Influence

  • Our menu is ruled by taste, led by the seasons, governed by instinct, influenced by nutritional science and nurtured by traditional wisdom. 
  • Our core ingredients are sourced from high quality producers and providores following principles of sustainability and organic farming.
  • Our food is made with love.
  • We aim to feed everyone…vegans to omnivores, and those with gluten free or dairy free needs.
  • Our offering is a celebration of life showing respect for the raw ingredients and the land that supported their growth.


Click here to download our current menu!

Opening Hours

Mon – Fri: 7:30am-4pm (kitchen closes 2:30pm)

Sat – Sun: 8am-4pm (kitchen closes 3pm)


Contact us:

711 Darling St. Rozelle ♦ ♦ (02) 9810 3146 @wholefoodscafe EggOfTheUniverse EggOfTheUniverse