Brilliant Bone Broth with Harry Lancaster

Brilliant Bone Broth with Harry Lancaster

Cooking Demonstration & Light Dinner

One of the greatest culinary and nutritional losses of the modern age is that the simple art of making stocks and broths has been omitted from most kitchens. In traditional cultures around the globe we would consume the whole animal and this would include long slow cooking of the carcasses. The resulting stock would be replete with amazing nutritional benefits and curative qualities for the digestive system. For the keen cook an understanding of how to create depth and balance in the flavouring of sauces and gravies comes from knowing how to create these magical liquids. Harry will show you uncomplicated ways to reclaim the art of stocks and create depth and flavour in your meals. In this evening workshop we will cover the following:

  • Why stocks & broths are so important
  • Simple and more complicated chicken stock
  • Bone broth from beef bones
  • How to make gravies and sauces from your stocks and broths

It’s very easy to reclaim this knowledge and create an intelligent flow of meal design from roast meats through to simple soup noodles.

After the demonstration we will share a simple meal that celebrates the Brilliance of Broth

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Saturday May 5


Egg Of The Universe
711 Darling Street
Rozelle, NSW



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