Happy Healthy Hips

Happy Healthy Hips

Every step we make and nearly every move we make…on and off the mat…involves and impacts our hip joints.  When our hips are tight and stiff they can be a source of frustration and limitation in our practice.  Conversely, if our hips are very open but not strong there is potential for injury.  Imbalances and misalignments are quite common in the yoga room and they set the scene for dysfunction and injury not only at the hip joints but also at the knee and spine.

Join Jo for this 2½ hour immersion into the hip where we will:

  • Explore the structure and function of the hip joint
  • Look at common, and our own individual, misalignments and imbalances and how these have the potential to lead to pain and injury
  • Redefine our alignment to create optimal health and space for the hip joint
  • Understand and feel how improved alignment through the hip influences the spine and knee
  • Discover how to promote space and create the balance of strength and flexibility needed for optimal health and function of this joint
  • Synthesize all this information into a tailored yoga practice that promotes happy, healthy hips

Whether you are looking to keep your hips healthy or to heal them, this workshop is for you!


Saturday July 28


Egg Of The Universe
711 Darling Street
Rozelle, NSW



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June 14, 2018