Level 2 (300-hours) Teacher Training with Mark Breadner in Bali

Level 2 (300-hours) Teacher Training with Mark Breadner in Bali

Level 2 (300-hours) Teacher Training with Mark Breadner in Bali

If you are a qualified Yoga teacher with a 200-hour certificate from a Yoga Alliance registered school (or equivalent), and you’re ready to take the plunge and dive even deeper into the studies of yoga, this 300-hours of training is your next stepping platform to achieve your 500-hour qualification.
This 300-hour course runs over a Full-Time 5 Week Intensive on the beautiful island of Bali.
“Total Yoga Transformation” – bring yoga back to the focus of maximizing human potential. Yoga is the ultimate “life coaching system” – 5000 years in the making by people reaching the highest human potential. Mark has uniquely contemporized the Yoga Sutras in a life coaching system ready to share with you.
Students who complete this 300-hour training will gain:
  • A deeper understanding and confidence in your teaching and coaching ability
  • Confidently assess your clients’ state of health and well being
  • Confidently prescribe a personal practice that will move yourself and your students towards wellness of body, mind and spirit.
This intensive study as detailed below is registered internationally with Yoga Alliance and includes:
  • METHODOLOGY OF YOGA, FUNCTIONAL ASSESSMENT & ENERGETICS Methodology of Yoga – The keystone of the YogaCoachTM Training program
  • MIND & CONSCIOUSNESS, AYURVEDA & SOMATIC COUNSELLING Mind & Consciousness – Thought patters & beliefs
  • LIFESTYLE DESIGN, BUSINESS OF YOGA & CASE STUDIES Lifestyle Design – Putting it all together

About Mark

Mark Breadner, who has practised for over 45 years, is one of the most-sought after yoga teachers in the world and is Australia’s longest serving yoga educator. He is considered a world’s authority on yoga training and education.

Having personally trained thousands of students and yoga teachers over the years, Mark has discovered the core essence that yoga practitioners have been seeking for years. The founders of the yoga movement believed that yoga was not only meant for physical balance and fitness but it was also intended for living with deep meaning and purpose and to bring about lasting wellbeing and happiness in one’s life. The fusing of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual are the core ingredients for what Mark calls, “a high-performance life.”

Find out more about Mark Breadner and Gaia Oasis by clicking on this link.


Sunday 11 June – Thursday 13 July 2017


Gaia Oasis, Bali

A green oasis, stretching from the top of a mountain to its footholds by the sea. Breathe deeply… during the teacher training we’ll be immersed in the rhythms of the northern Balinese countryside, a tranquil environment to reconnect and rejuvenate — Gaia feels like a home away from home.  To see and read more about this beautiful location, click here to go directly to their website.


Full payment due by Sunday 4 June, 2017

The above prices include, all tuition, manuals, meals, snacks, accommodation and transfers.  Also included in this fee is a $500 non-refundable deposit.

Please be sure to complete the online application before making payment.

For workshops, retreats and teacher training
Cancellation more than 30 days before the event: 100% refund, less any relevant deposit
Cancellation less than 30 days: no refund
Refunds will be processed within 30 days of notice

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