Psoas Workshop with Donald Shakes

Psoas Workshop with Donald Shakes

Fine Tune Your Yoga Practice - With Donald Shakes

The Psoas Major muscle (pronounced “so-as”) is often referred to as the deepest core, or the The Hidden Seat of the Soul. Yoga is a great way to measure the current health of the psoas muscle. The way we live today, constantly rushing, competing and achieving, psychologically has the psoas in a constant fight or flight state.

This core-stabilizing muscle located near the hip bone affects mobility, structural balance, joint function, flexibility and much more. In addition to its function to help keep the body upright and moving, the psoas is believed to allow you to connect with the present moment especially when it is stretched out and tension is released from the body. Scientific research shows that the psoas is vital to our psychological wellbeing in addition to structural health.

Within this workshop, meet the yogic perspective and the four primal urges in relationship with the iliopsoas; food, sex, sleep and self-preservation.

  • Meet the psoas
  • A yogic view of the psoas
  • Signs of a shortened, weak or tightened psoas
  • The best sitting posture for your psoas
  • Full class to surrender and release the psoas


Saturday May 12


Egg Of The Universe
711 Darling Street
Rozelle, NSW



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March 9, 2018