Sacred Women’s Circle with Aimee Pedersen

Sacred Women’s Circle with Aimee Pedersen

Throughout history women have gathered in circles. The circle is powerful. It is medicine. And it is the heart of community. To gather once more in the circle is to activate our journey back to living the healed feminine. As women, as embodiment of Goddess, we hold within each of us an innate understanding of the cycles of our being and their connection to the cycles of our world. These mysteries are held within the very cells of our bodies. 

This workshop is a remembering. It is an invitation to come back to the circle so together we may open our hearts, minds and bodies to the wisdom we each hold within our scared architecture of womanhood. Through calling upon Goddess frequencies of Durga: inner strength and protection, Lakshmi: abundant radiance and love, Saraswati: wisdom and creative expression, and Kali: revolution and spiritual growth, we can reclaim our sacred female power and awaken to all that we are! 

We are stronger together, we heal together, and we grow in love and wisdom together. Join Aimee Pedersen for this powerhouse soul exploration of asana, mantra, mudra and breath work to invoke Goddess within and without. 

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to creature, nurture, and transform” ~ Diane Mariechild


Saturday June 23rd


Egg Of The Universe
711 Darling Street
Rozelle, NSW



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April 18, 2018