Safe Sequencing & Hands On Assists with Les Leventhal

Safe Sequencing & Hands On Assists with Les Leventhal
Les Splits

This 5 day immersion is great for all teachers, new and experienced. It is also good for anyone who practices yoga and wants to learn more about safe sequencing, building towards peak poses, especially if you have or are wanting a home practice. We will explore the architecture and design of a class and where certain poses belong. You will be provided with lists of poses for the different segments of class, as well as poses for target areas and modifications for injuries. In addition, you will be provided with a list of peak poses and all of the appropriate poses to strengthen and stretch to feel more comfortable in each of the peak poses.

The hands on assisting portion of this immersion is good for anyone looking to give and receive safe, effective touch, for students and teachers. In addition to exploring the physical touch, we will explore the energetics of sharing a student’s space so that we do not disrupt the qualities inherent in each posture but rather enhance the quality of the experience of the student’s breath.

Everyone will play and dance on their edges. Les’ teachings are founded in ancient wisdom and tethered into modern culture so that what and how we seek can be recognized through the joy and suffering we all experience in the form of attachment in our lives.

Les Leventhal 50 hour modules can go towards your 300/500HR YOGA ALLIANCE TEACHER CERTIFICATION.


Wednesday 14 – Sunday 18 February, 2018


Egg Of The Universe
711 Darling Street
Rozelle, NSW


Early Bird Price $750 (paid in full before Sunday 7 january 2018
Full Price $899

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