The Dance Of Shiva – with Aimee Pedersen

The Dance Of Shiva – with Aimee Pedersen
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A rich exploration in Spanda, the sacred pulse of the Universe

The Nataraj (The Dancing Shiva) is a powerful symbol of the Tantric Tradition. It’s teachings hold a key to understanding the nature of our existence as the five acts of Shiva are happening everywhere and all the time; inside of us, and all around us.

Join Aimee for this two hour masterclass to steep yourself in the philosophical teachings of Tantric Shivism. We will set a clear foundation and understanding of the five acts and then explore the embodiment of these teachings in our asana practice. This masterclass will offer you an avenue to go deeper into the sacred movement of yoga as we explore the dance of life and it’s powerful beat! The practice will be uniquely supported by the beat of tribal drums with a special treat of mantra chanting as you rest into savasana. Come to move, expand, pulse, and open up to the possibilities that are revealed to us through the practices of this rich tradition.

All proceeds of this practice will go to the Rise as One project of which Aimee is an ambassador. She will be travelling to India in September to use her skills and passion for human rights to support and empower women in that country. Please come and be a part of the shift.


Saturday 22nd July


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May 24, 2017