The Potent Three-Sum – with Donald Shakes & Blair Hughes

The Potent Three-Sum – with Donald Shakes & Blair Hughes

The Potent Three-Sum with Donald Shakes & Blair Hughes

Asana – Pranayama – Meditation

Asanas prepare you; Pranayama balances you, Meditation Transforms You!

Understanding how to bring these three potent transformative tools together is often overlooked and more often misunderstood in our modern contemporary approach to yoga and life.

In this fascinating 2.5 hour workshop, Donald and Blair will skillfully breakdown some of the myths about yoga. We will explore the art of Vinyasa and how breath, bandha and dristi, when applied correctly and more intuitively, can bring you closer to a state of meditation within your practice. When we find balance and ease in our practice our vibration changes, our vision opens and we start to move through life with greater awareness, presence and confidence; three super attractive qualities of the human species that we all aspire to.

Join us to learn more about how to…

  • Align your spine to improve pranic flow and energy
  • Control your breath in challenging postures to create meditative strength and power
  • Bring focus to your mind on the mat in order to focus it off the mat
  • Meditate with transformative qualities to overcome ancestral habitual behaviors that may not be serving you now
  • Connect with likeminded people looking to grow and serve in a meaningful authentic way “The greater purpose of yoga”


About Blair Hughes

Over the last eight years, Blair completed over 700 hours of yoga teaching training with Power Living, Simon Borg-Olivier, Baron Baptiste and Cameron Shayne, along with advanced workshops with influential teachers such as Richard Freeman, David Swanson, Les Leventhal, Kathryn Budig, Phillip Askey and many others.

During this time, Blair also completed Exercise and Holistic Lifestyle coaching with the Chek Institute, San Diego and Performance & Results coaching with the Academy of Wealth and Achievement, Los Angeles.

His greatest passion is to share his journey and move people towards discovering their purpose and unveiling their gifts and talents. His classes are challenging but playful, with an intention to leave you feeling grounded and empowered


About Donald Shakes

My Beginning

I bring a unique blend of depth and humour to my classes.  My teachings are informed by the rough and tumble, love and humour of my upbringing in a Jamaican family in London’s East End.  I was brought up on reggae music, dance and body movement and the best soul food ever !  Throwing in the salt of the Earth cockney attitude and humour means I am grounded in the reality of life.

My journey since has taken me on many paths if the earth, wearing many faces along the way whilst meeting people who will later become the most influential in my life.  On this journey I began to build my foundation for what I teach today through yoga and meditation.   The lessons were tough and the growth has been fantastic.

It has been my life experiences that have led me to seek to help others to become empowered through their body using yoga, meditation and Tibetan song bowls.

I’m not your average yoga teacher as you will discover when we meet.


Saturday 17th June


Egg Of The Universe
711 Darling Street
Rozelle, NSW


$50 Full Members
$55 Casual Members

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April 22, 2017