7 Week Chakra Tuning Workshop with Patty Kikos

7 Week Chakra Tuning Workshop with Patty Kikos

Your chakras are like the internal architectures to your soul, much like 7 wheels or discs that program your survival, emotions, relationships and your belief systems. Many of these programs don’t work because they were given to us by our unhealed families and are often in need of a MAJOR update.

Through this 7 week chakra tuning journey, you’ll discover in-depth information about the physical, emotional and spiritual properties of the entire chakra energy system through accessible kundalini yoga & breath movements and transformative meditations. This will strengthen your nervous system so you can unleash your true potential without being triggered by stress or outdated emotional patterns and is open to all levels and personality types.

Patty holds a reverent space through her gift of translating ancient wisdom into modern understanding, that is fused with her light hearted approach to life and her depth of knowledge that spans over 20 years. Her classes are meticulously put together to help you rest in between the postures that require longer holds and deeper integrations.

She describes her professional life as a holy trinity that includes a celebrant business, her private practice as a healer & yoga teacher and her social work contract in Child Protection for foster kids. She has presented at many yoga & wellness festivals over the years and when she’s not trying to conjugate irregular Spanish verbs, she’s usually watching a sunset, swimming or trawling for vintage.

“I met Patty at the perfect time in my life. My mother had died, I was going through a horrible divorce and suffering from adrenal fatigue. I had hit the wall emotionally and physically. I signed up for her chakra course and it’s changed my life. I now know that my emotional and spiritual stresses were causing my physical problems and that my chakras are the key to healing. I’ve now done the chakra balance course three times (and counting) because it’s so amazing and I get so much out of it each time. I studied kundalini yoga extensively at Golden Bridge in LA and I can say that Patty’s courses are world class. From her infectious energy to the fabulous music – she provides a great atmosphere for transformation. I can’t wait to keep learning from her. In fact, I love her so much that she was the celebrant at my wedding.”  SHELLEY



Every Thursday, February 13th – March 26th


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Yerrabingin House, 2 Davy Road, Eveleigh, NSW, 2015



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December 31, 2019