Embodied Flow Yin Yoga Masterclass with Janine Leagh

Embodied Flow Yin Yoga Masterclass with Janine Leagh

“At the centre of all stillness is movement, at the centre of all movement is stillness”  

In this Embodied Flow Yin Masterclass we pendulate through the illusion of yin and yang duality to meet in the places within ourselves forgotten in space and time. Here the spark of ecstatic union can be felt and as a conscious unification and wholeness that continues to expand into an ever deepening, present Self.

We will explore scaling the spectrum of tension in a ’non trying ‘ environment to support even tone throughout the bodymind.

The parts of ourselves that are over worked and undervalued get to be held and integrated just as Shiva holds the Goddess Shakti in awe as part of him/her Self.

This is a brilliant stand alone masterclass and also a fantastic taster if you’re curious about ‘what is Embodied Flow Yin Yoga, it is one of those classes that you just say YES to, and find out the real reason why later.

About Janine

Janine is a Certified Facilitator of her own 500hr Teacher Training Programs whilst continuing to honor her teachers past and present.
Highlighted by 1000hrs of Embodied Flow and Somatic Movement with Tara Judelle and Dr Scott Lyons; Yin Yoga with Paul Grilley, Level 3 Power Yoga with Baron Baptist, Tantric Philosophy with Carlos Pomeda, 1000hrs of Traditional Yoga studies with Georg  Fueurstein, plus Anusara with John Friend.


Saturday February 22


Egg Of The Universe
Yerrabingin House
2 Davy Road, Eveleigh, NSW, 2015


$65 Casual Members
$60 Full Members

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November 15, 2019