Embodied Flow™ Yin Yoga with Dr. Scott Lyons & Guest Facilitators

Embodied Flow™ Yin Yoga with Dr. Scott Lyons & Guest Facilitators

Embodied Flow Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Dr. Scott Lyons

Embodied Flow™ Yin Yoga is a gentle integrative practice that creates a sacred space where time expands and slows down for you to catch up to your deepest sense of self. This approach combines a unique blend of yin poses, guided imagery, experiential anatomy, movement meditation, five elements chinese medicine, breathwork, mantra and mind-body medicine practices.

Students who complete this certified 50-hour training (100-hours with homework) will gain:

  • An understanding of Yin poses (basic poses and variation)
  • Therapeutic applications of Embodied Flow™ Yin including: biomechanics, mind-body medicine, bodywork, energy medicine, emotional processing, and trauma informed approaches 
  • Foundations of traditional Chinese medicine (meridians, the five elements, nutrition, cupping and moxa)
  • Introduction to Embodied Flow™ principles and methodology 
  • Facilitation skills in exploring eastern and western experiential anatomy
  • How to hold  space for deep discovery and processing 
  • Using props in a unique way that offer modifications that can help support each student’s needs.
  • Advanced observation and hands on assists skills
  • Integration of Tantric and Buddhist philosophy with Yin yoga
  • How to create guided meditations that enhances the yin state of receptiveness, acceptance, compassion, intuition, and an individual’s capacity to self heal.
  • Create sacred spaces through rituals 
  • How to facilitate dynamic classes with yin yoga sequences, mantra, and movement meditations 

Daily Schedule:

7:30am-10:00am Meditation &  EF Yin Practice
10:00am-10:15am Break
10:15am-12:30pm Lab 1
12:30pm-1:30pm Lunch
1:30pm-4:00pm  Lab 2
4:00pm-5:30pm Asana Lab / Practice / Integration

About the Facilitators:

Dr. Scott Lyons

Dr. Scott Lyons is dedicated to teaching embodiment as a way of exploring human development, healing, growth and transformation. His deep passion is to integrate somatic practices, transpersonal inquiry and scholarly research into the creative and healing arts.

Scott is a Clinical Psychologist and Mind-Body Medicine practitioner who specializes in therapies for infants, youth, and adults. He is a Certified Body-Mind Centering Teacher and Practitioner, Cranio-Sacral Therapist, Visceral Manipulation Therapist, Neuro-Developmental Therapist, Infant Developmental Movement Educator, Registered Movement Therapist and Educator, Trauma Therapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Thai Massage Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness-based Executive Coach, Experiential Anatomy/ Developmental Movement and Yoga Practitioner, and a 500-hour registered yoga teacher. Additionally he holds a BFA in Theater/Psychology,  MFA in Dance/Choreography,  MS in Clinical Psychology, and a PhD in Clinical Psychology and Mind-Body Medicine.

Scott is the co-creator of Embodied Flow™ and has had the privilege of teaching Embodied Flow™  and Body-Mind Centering™ workshops and trainings throughout the United States, Europe, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. He was an adjunct professor at New York University from 2007-2010 where he co-taught the Viewpoints Studio with Mary Overlie. As an artist, Scott’s work has been performed at BAM, Symphony Space, Dance New Amsterdam as well as theaters throughout the United States and Europe.

Foundational to Scott’s teaching is the principle that we can, through intention, expand our capacity to meet and be met.  In this way, we can offer the profound gift to our self, others, and the environment of being heard, seen, and feeling felt at a cellular level.


Janine Leagh

Janine is a yogi and healer and has spent her life invested in the journey of returning to Self.   Janine is a certified Embodied Flow Teacher and Embodied Flow Somatic Movement Therapist.                                    

A former British National athlete and coach with a Bachelor of Science Honours degree, Janine has been teaching, coaching and presenting around the world for over 20yrs. Including lecturing at Universities and Colleges on the many different aspects of fitness and health & wellness.  Founder of HYA Yoga Studios and Training Academy Australia, Janine now travels between Sydney, Australia and the UK and focuses on developing Yoga Teachers and students of Yoga as well as facilitating the healing process.

Samantha Belyea

Sam has always explored her world through movement, with sincere curiosity for body-mind integration and Somatics. Finding Yoga during some very turbulent teenage years she was immediately magnetised by the weaving of breath and movement and felt a profound connection to the deeper philosophy. The practice became a solace for her and has taken her upon a journey of immense healing. Immersed in the world of Embodied Flow under Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons, as well as forever inspired by Satu Tuomela and Noelle Connolly, she whole heartedly shares her passion for embodiment, somatics and Classical Tantra as well as living life connected and in collaborations with Nature’s wisdom. To her these are rich inner calls to come home to ourselves, and in such home to Nature itself.

Maryanne Edwards

Maryanne is a Sydney based Yoga facilitator. You’ll likely find her at either Flow Athletic in Paddington, Sukha Mukha Yoga in Bronte or The Well in Bondi.

Having first studied her 200 HR certification under the guidance of Idit Hefer Tamir at Sukha Mukha, Maryanne has continued further study with teachers Sarah Powers, Jasmine Tarkeshi and most recently completing the Advanced 300 HR training in Embodied Flow with her current teachers Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons. As well as the 300 HR advanced modules, Maryanne has completed an Embodied Flow Yin training as well as an Embodied Flow mentorship.

Maryanne offers Yin Immersions as well as contributing to Teacher Training programs across several studios.

Maryanne shares both Vinyasa and Yin classes inspired by her Embodied Flow research, which is ever evolving and deepening in the container of group experience.

Maryanne’s personal philosophy ‘organically wealthy’ is about tapping into the richness of life simply by living from a soulful place. Following your instincts, going with the flow, moving from the heart…yoga offers an opportunity to explore, reflect, learn, observe and embrace the world fully.

By developing a body awareness, through asana practice, we familiarise ourselves with our patterns, our reactions, our tendencies. Once we develop this skill we can guide ourselves toward living a life of fulfilment.

Having been passionate about dance from a young age Vinyasa came naturally, Maryanne has found that including yin & mediation practises enriched her experience of yoga.


Tuesday March 12th – Sunday March 17th
Daily 7.30am-5.30pm


Tramsheds, Harold Park Community Hall
1 Dalgal Way
Forest Lodge


$1,290 Early Bird (paid before 31 January)


Booking Essentials

02 9810 3146