Resonance with Phoebe Jones

Resonance with Phoebe Jones

The energetic body is where our life force exists, our prana, and is responsible for the distribution and flow of our life force energy. Ultimately, we want our yoga to work preventively, to target the subtle body to take care of imbalances on an energetic level before they manifest in our bodies and minds. The thousands of nadis, or energy channels that map the body can get blocked, stuck or become overactive eventually leading to issues in our physical body. Our bodies, minds and spirits always are working towards balance, however with too much outer stimulus and inner noise we are often preventing the natural balancing process.

Beyond asana, our practice can draw on the tools of mantra, sound, breath, mudra and yoga nidra to tap deeply into the subtle body, transforming energy before matter.

Join Phoebe for two hours of deeply restoring and relaxing practices including gentle movement and energetic techniques.


Sunday July 21


Egg Of The Universe
711 Darling Street
Rozelle, NSW


$55 Casual Members
$50 Members

Booking Essentials
02 9810 3146



April 30, 2019