Shake Off The Dust with Aimee Pedersen

Shake Off The Dust with Aimee Pedersen

The yoga practice holds the seed of our liberation and wholeness…

Join Aimee for this three hour exploration through the three centres of the body. The Saiva Tantra tradition speaks of our heart, our receiver/perceiver of the mind, and our moving centre being cloaked with veils of misperception. These veils, called the three malas, are like dust on a mirror and with them in place we are unable to see ourselves from a place of truth and love. These veils are at the very root of our feelings of disunity, dissatisfaction, and disconnection.

The tradition teaches us that it is our individual and collective conditioning that keep these veils in place, and within that conditioning we become overwhelmed with the fear that there’s something wrong with us. The flow on effect is to consistently seek for validation outside of ourselves to calm that fear. The aim of this workshop is to dissolve our feelings of disconnection, fragmentation, and low self-worth, in the only way that is truly possible; by delving beneath the veils and experiencing the truth of who we are. Because the only thing wrong with any of us is that we don’t see ourselves clearly as expressions of divine beauty and love!

Come shake of the dust of our misperceptions through asana, mantra, mudra, meditation and contemplation!


Saturday August 10


Egg Of The Universe
Shop 3, 2 Davy Street, South Eveleigh



02 9810 3146


February 25, 2019