The Season of Expansion with Kate Dambach

The Season of Expansion with Kate Dambach

Spring Yin Masterclass

While all seasons present an invitation to change and grow, spring brings with it a particular propensity that loves to churn and toss, sift and sort, and propel us towards our future. Like a young sapling breaking through the cocoon of earth to find the warmth of sunlight, we are all invited to shed that which has kept us small, unready and unsure; and thus a great energy is required. As we find our way, sudden road blocks appear and seemingly straight paths veer left and right, our energy is halted and twisted, stifled and stagnated, and yet with awareness and trust we can embrace these detours at a part of the journey honoring the potency they offer.

Yin yoga offers us a physical practice within the stillness of a meditative space that can help to unbind tension held within the physical, emotional and energetic bodies. The grounding nature of physical sensation, along with the space and time to sit with ourselves allows the expansive energy of spring to be felt.  Join Kate for this 2.5hr Yin Masterclass to harness the energy of spring, connecting to the potential within and feeling your way into a state of ease with the unfolding.


Saturday October 26


Egg Of The Universe
711 Darling Street
Rozelle, NSW


$65 Members
$70 Casual Members

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02 9810 3146



August 14, 2019