Warriors from Mars: A Workshop for Men with Chris & Jan

Warriors from Mars: A Workshop for Men with Chris & Jan

This workshop is dedicated to honouring men within their yoga practice to help improve physical and emotional flexibility, along with strength and balance.

More and more men are discovering yoga as a practice to help navigate modern life. However men have different unique physical and emotional qualities as well as challenges that can’t always be covered in a mixed class. Men, for example, have more muscles, larger lung capacity and higher levels of testosterone than women do. They also tend to have stronger physical “yang” features which tend to limit flexibility around the spine, hips, shoulders and chest. The masculine body can literally form an armour of protection in these areas making going into reflection on emotions more challenging.

In this 2.5-hour workshop Egg’s resident teachers Jan and Chris will unfold the sacred body and mind of men. It will honour and unravel a practical yoga guide for men with yoga asana, pranayama (breathing) and meditation to strengthen the masculine qualities and to invite more flexibility beyond the physical layers.


Saturday 7 December


Egg Of The Universe
711 Darling Street
Rozelle, NSW


$70 Casual Members
$65 Members

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October 2, 2019